Last Halloween

I was reading Granny Sue’s blog and she posted some pictures she took in Grafton this weekend. One of them was loaded with orbs. It reminded me of the evening Freddie and I spent at the cemetery next to Glenville State College last year on Halloween. Here are a couple of pictures with orbs. I think if they had been insects, they would have been in all the pictures. Plus, I’m a bug magnet and I didn’t come home with any bites.

3 thoughts on “Last Halloween

  1. My own story took place late one night in Clark Hall, next to the cemetery. I was in the office of the school newspaper in the basement. My friend was the editor and he was finishing up the paper before it went to the printer. We were the only people in the building. I went up to the first floor to use the restroom. While I was in there, I heard the door at the top of the stair well slam shut. When I went back down, I asked him why he slammed that door. It scared me. He told me that he thought I did it. We quickly left. After we got outside, we looked back at the building and there were no lights on. So we're pretty sure no one else was in the building. He worked late on the paper every week and said no one was ever upstairs that late.

    There are some other stories at West Virginia's True Ghost Stories.

  2. My dorm room was facing the cemetary. One night Terry Asbury and I were up at like 3am and we saw these strange lights in the cemetary. They looked bluish about as big as a flashlight beam would be if shone down from the dorm room but appeared as if they were under the ground and moving around all over the cemetary.

    We actually went outside to see if anyone was shining a light but nobody was.

    That cemetary was very cool. So much went on there.

    Every day before I went to dinner I would see this huge rabbit hanging out there. Then always right before I'd leave he would scurry away. Never could figure it out….

    Then a couple days I skipped dinner. About 10 min after the rabbit took off both days a big kitty came thru making HIS rounds!

    I had that same dorm room all 4 of the 5 years I lived there and always enjoyed the cemetary.

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