I’m so negligent!

I really should post more often! I went to the Aurora ramp dinner again this past spring but had no camera! My trusty camera of 4 1/2 years just went kaput! At the dinner I met up with Tom and his wife, Jonell. I couldn’t do “Ramps! The King of Stink” without Tom. For the last 5 years or so, he has kept a constant watch on the WV newspapers and listened to local radio stations as he has traveled around the state. He sniffs out dinners that I would never find out about while I’m living in Maryland. It was finally good to put a face to his name. But since I had no camera, I don’t have a picture!

I finally did get a new camera in June. I took this awesome picture at the carnival grounds one night.

I just realized why I’m so negligent. I have trouble putting the pictures where I want them. And it takes forever to upload them.

Anyhow, saw this down the road a couple of weeks ago. Sundogs? I’m not sure if they have to be roundish or not.

I have a yard fowl now! This guinea actually belongs to the menagerie across the road but he likes to visit during the day. There used to be three of them. I don’t know what happened to the other two. My cat’s afraid of him even though he’s a big fraidy cat. He runs every time I go near him. I saw the guinea and a squirrel sitting right next to each other the other morning. The guinea was eating some seeds from a weed and the squirrel was enjoying some popcorn that I had thrown in the yard.


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