Ramp Dinners (so far) in 2008

On April 12th, I attended a new dinner in West Union (WV) this year put on by Learning Enhances and Advances Doddridge (L.E.A.D.). They provide service for children and families in Doddridge, Harrison, Ritchie, Tyler and Wetzel counties. I talked to one of the organizers and she said they record themselves reading story books and then put them on DVD’s. Then they send them to the children of prisoners. Unfortunately, they were ill-prepared and ran out of ramps early. They gave me a very small, but delicious serving. If they try this again next year, let’s hope they are better prepared.

I went to the Aurora (WV) Ramp Dinner on April 27th. This one is put on by the local Fire Department. They served a good sized serving of ramps and they tasted great. They also had cornbread with ramps. I took that home and ate it the next day.

The people were really friendly and I met a nice couple from Grafton. They know some of my husband’s relatives there.

I ran into David Sypolt, a State Senator from the 14th District. He grew up in my hometown but lives in Kingwood now. He was “politicking” and bussing tables.

I wore my new “got ramps?” t-shirt and received a lot of comments on it. I sell them over at CafePress.


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